An immersive exhibition about Russian Christmas celebration traditions, Kolomenskoye Park. The exhibition took place from the 15 of december 2018 to the 15 of January 2019.
We created the semantic and architectural exhibition conception, invented installations and projected technical setups, elaborated content, set and launched the equipment.

Immersive exhibition in Kolomenskoye Park
«History of Christmas celebrations in Russia»
multimedia installations
The exhibition included five thematic pavilions. Historical scenery immersed guests in the Christmas traditions of the Russian village,
the fair, and even the tsar's palace.
Event map
The exhibition included five thematic pavilions. Historical decorations immersed visitors to the Christmas traditions of Russian villages, fairs and even the tzar's palace.
Village street
Art in every house
Royal ball
Great fair
thematic zones
New Year's fantasy
Pavilion 1
В павильоне была воссоздана атмосфера Рождественской ярмарки, где вместе с гостями присутствовали виртуальные коробейники и голографические ряженые, а по виртуальной трассе был проложен санный путь.
Great fair

Two photozones - with decorations and interactive
Shopping mall
Air scenes coming to life via projection
interactive stalls
exciting sleigh rides
Trade fair stalls
There are 12 interactive stalls with charismatic hosts in the centre of the exposition. We created the script, found stories and authentic goods, footed scenes and elaborated the interactive mechanics. This allowed visitors to communicate with the heroes and find out more about the goods via virtual counters.

unique goods
Can you imagine a fair without fortune tellers and buffoons? Peddlers, gypsies, touts and buffoons entertained guests via holographic projection on a net screen, hidden in decorations.
holographic storylines
Sleigh ride
We elaborated a virtual walking track and complemented it with real sleighes. A big projector screen made it feel like a real sleigh ride.
An animated photo from a virtual walk is a souvenir from the exhibition. We complemented the sleigh with a chroma key in the photozone. Guests saw a real-time transformation in the Christmas scene, and a video was sent to the email. Short video suits for publication in social networks.

Augmented reality
Remarkable photos as a souvenir
Pavilion 2
Pavilion was designed as a village street with huts. By the use of holographic projections you could see how villagers prepare for Christmas celebrations. Virtual characters, dressed in historically authentic costumes, acted in real decorations.
Village street
Holographic huts

stories about Christmas traditions
hours of footage
Pavilion 3
Visitors became guests at a Russian ball. Guests were hosted by the characters from different eras, holographic dancers changed dresses.

Music, made specially for this occasion, helped to show different ball traditions and dances: ball-carnival, waltz and an old group dance trampet.
Tzar Ball
Projection net screen
Decorative mirror panels
Festive interior Christmas trees
to the 1903
immersive show
professional dancers
The choreography was prepared specially for our ball based on historical evidence.

Pavilion 4
Two parts of the pavilion are united by the different festive traditions. On the one hand, visitors learnt about Christmas nativity scenes and decorations creation, while on the other half you could immerse into the Yule divination and omens, related to the fest.

Interactive screens, mapping, sound-design and dictor's text helped us to tell different stories of Russian Christmas.
Art in every house

Imitation of the eavesdropping hut window
Video Projection
Big nativity scene
Small nativity scenes
Fortune telling
Projective show

A separate pavilion was dedicated to the projective show with New Year scripts and, of course, the Christmastest story about the Nutcracker.
New year fantasy

Projection in to physical objects
Magical objects and whole cities were projected on three-dimensional constructions with the help of mapping, fostering a magical atmosphere.

Music, sound-design and voice-over helped to create the ambience.

Moscow Government
Petr Mishin
Art Director:

Ilya Faizov
Account Director:
Mikhail Lykov
General Producer:
Ivan Shestakov, Maxim Malay
Filming Director:
Eugene Berezin, Svetlana Didenko
Maxim Fomin, Fedor Lesnov

Anatoly Yuntsevich
Technical Director:
Regina Porshneva, Daria Yushkina
Production / Tech. setups:
Junior Manager:
Denis Kalensky

Natalia Naumova
Gleb Rusnovsky
Alexey Bochenin
Motion designers:
Yuri Ulchenko, Stanislav Guk, Maxim Sviridov, Eric Nefyodov

Semion Onistchenko, SIvan Chumanov, Pavel Remnev
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