We accomplish our clients' tasks using technology and content: we maintain the spirit, present projects, foster emotions, tell stories, create "talking" space and engage in a dialogue. We make impressions.
Our advantages:
We are able to completely realize a project that consists of dozens and hundreds of installations: we take over the work of several contractors, we make sure that the project is designed in the same style and is consequently expressed in all levels - in architecture, marketing, branding.
We work with all kinds of multimedia-technology: projections, led screens, video walls, multitouch panels, tracking systems, interactive devices, cinetic installations.
We create any type of content: realtime graphic and video, interactive applications, VR and AR, systems for launching and monitoring installations.
We can work under tight deadlines: we make an effective multimedia exhibition stand in a month, a contemporary museum - in half a year.
We make economically effective projects: we calculate the mathematical model of attendance, we offer a solution taking the budget into account.
We adjust to the target audience: we know, how to present achievements to the top officials or how to make a museum attractive for children.
43 specialists work with us: designers, programmers, engineers, project managers. Our architectures help to plan space in any style and for any tasks. If you are involved in a museum project, related to history, our historians will make sure that your content corresponds to the facts. We make all the projects together in our team, uniting meanings, creativity and technology.
Our skills show their best in projects full of multimedia. We are involved on the stage of creative conception and lead the project till it's start: equipment installation, it's setting and maintenance are also important and interesting to us.
During ten years of work we have done more than 200 projects of different levels: from federal museums and governmental exhibitions to new products presentations. We love and know how to create multimedia projects for public spaces and citizens, for fests and various events.
Exhibitions and events

We develop a general idea of the stand, starting with meanings.
We help to show company achievements effectively and comprehensively, using a broad spectrum of technology.
We work fast and we are not afraid of tight deadlines.
We create installations, taking into account different audiences - we understand that it is important to show to the officials what professionals will look at and what attracts the wider public.

We project museums in such a way that multimedia installations don't replace the exhibits but organically complement them.
We make museums interesting to a broad audience - for children and adults, for people of different cultural backgrounds in different countries.
We undertake tasks of different levels: we can develop a small multimedia-zone or design an exposition on thousands of museum space metres.
We create a narrative space: we use all elements of the exposition to immerse visitors in meanings and impressions, we enlighten and entertain due to the well-made interaction scenarios.
and immersive spaces
An entertainment park can be multimedial! It can be a space in a shopping mall or a separate building, prefabricated hall or part of urban space, as for example, a part of a city park, an embarquement or a pedestrian zone.
During the start of the project we analyse the target audience, the surroundings and concurrent environment in order to build a business-plan and provide commercial success.
We analyse visitors portret, create mathematical visiting models and think through the project structure from the idea to the space organisation around a park.
We project real immersive spaces, where guests become main characters and experience new feelings. Whether it is a scientific adventure or a fantastical fairy-tale world, adventure becomes possible thanks to the decorations, space dramaturges and the most modern technologies. We create worlds, so we thoroughly think through the laws of their existence.