The Visuals Team made the exhibition "Moscow. The city changes for you" in the Central exhibition hall "Manege", commissioned by the Moscow government.

The exhibition is dedicated to the Moscow urban planning, infrastructure and transport.

We projected semantic and architectural exhibition conceptions, came up with installations and prepared technical setups, elaborated content, installed, set and launched the equipment.

Moscow. The city changes for you
Project description
We are showing the unique path that Moscow has already passed and how much remains to be done in an educational, informative and entertaining way
Facts and indicators

Denis Boykov
director of the Moscow Urban Forum

Space planning
We divided 4500 square metres into zones and found a convenient route for visitors.

We provided a separate multimedia space with adapted game content for families with children.
Urban development
Urbanism for children
Transport and mobility
Entrance area
Urban infrastructure
Entrance area

The Exhibition starts with an art-object made from LED screens. Black and white hashtag graphics have become a design basis.
Urban infrastructure
We decided to show the changes instead of talking about them. Guests had a chance to compare Moscow streets before and after the reconstruction and learn about the developmental city projects over the past 20 years by the use of interactive panels.

The improvements could also be seen throughout the virtual pedestrian and cycle walk.

Walking tour
Cycle walk

Interactive tour along the Moscow river embankments on a real bicycle. During the ride we drew visitors' attention to the results of embankment improvement.

1500 visitors on the opening day
A separate area was developed for residential areas development.

This area contained city objects models with info-panels, multitouch-tables with renovation plans and projection room.

In the projection room we told about the building's overhaul using mapping and infographics.

Urban development

Transport and mobility

An area dedicated to urban transport closed the exhibition. Moscow has something to be proud of, so this area turned out to be the most extensive.


The new "Ivolga" train for Moscow Central Diameters was recreated in the megapolis ambience. Visitors could estimate the comfort of the seats and the Wi-Fi speed.

3D presentation

A whole presentation was dedicated to the Moscow transport transformations over the last 7 years. An essential part told about the future plans.

City for children
We created a special multimedia-space for families with children

Colorful projections responded to touches, and visitors could witness how engineer house systems became alive. Children could learn about the improvement of courtyards and how to park cars correctly.

TM Agency
Petr Mishin, Tim Alexandrov
Ilya Faizov
Account director:
Mikhail Lukov
General producer:
Daria Ushkina, Regina Poshneva
Tigran Arutunyan
Alexey Yashin, Maxim Fomin

Alexey Makrushin
Technical director:
Svetlana Didenko, Anna Pavlova

Moscow Government
Motion designers:
Alexander Ugodnov, Maxim Sviridov, Natalia Elnickaya
Semen Onitshenko, Ivan Chumakov, Alexey Filin
Electronics Engineer:
Vyacheslav Starodubtsev

3D designers:
Rustam Arazov

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